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Olympic Preparations – Zoe Gillings

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Zoe Gillings, Britains No 1 Olympic Snowsport athlete is currently preparing for the most important competition of her career so far, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.  With a little over 7 months to go, and following on from arguably her most successful season of her career to date, Zoe is under way with her final preparations.  Zoe is training daily at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) at Bath University and has just received a new addition to her training from UK Sport Research and Innovation, a World Class start gate capable of measuring all kinds of technical information; this, together with assistance from the British Olympic Association (BOA) Team Bath and EIS is jointly aimed at allowing Zoe every chance to win the Olympic Gold Medal.

Having reached four finals out of eight World Cup competitions last season, tasted podium spots in Austria and Italy, and taking Gold at the German Championships, Zoe is back on podium topping form which saw her conclude her season at the British National Championships in Switzerland with a well earned win for the second consecutive year.
The lot of a World class athlete isn’t always easy, however.  Heading into the Olympic year, for funding reasons Zoe has already cancelled vital training camps and cannot afford to employ a coach.  If anything, this setback has made her even more determined to wear that medal round her neck in Vancouver.
The reality of the current financial climate brings home the importance of personal sponsorship, Zoe quite clearly admits that without her personal sponsors, especially Pokerstars and Bath Audi, her Olympic ambitions would be more dream than reality, “My Olympic preparations so far have not been ideal to say the least, however the fantastic support of all of my sponsors, especially Bath Audi and Pokerstars, has enabled me to continue basic training in challenging times. I also receive a great deal of support from the EIS, UK Sport and the British Olympic Association who have been really excellent.”
Zoes main focus this season will again be on starts and jump technique, as any athlete will agree, getting in front and staying in front is the best way to win!
Zoes first race of the season will be in South America on the 11th Spetember.

If you are intested in sponsoring Zoë please contact  – [email protected]

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