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Ten snowparks equipped for all tricks

Seven ski districts have invested in snowboarding
and offer areas with half pipe, boardercross, jumps and rails


Snowboarding is the symbol of freedom and fun, a young sport that finds its maximum expression in Trentino, thanks to the areas prepared specifically for board enthusiasts and to the type of piste, natural environment, après ski and entertainment. Seven qualified ski districts have ten modern and equipped fun parks.

Important events are also organised: the 1999 World ISF, a number of Italian championships, the Trofeo Topolino di Folgarida – Marilleva.


MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO: The area reserved for snowboard enthusiasts is called Ursus Snowpark and is situated on Passo Grostè, at an altitude of 2500 metres. It is reachable by the Grostè gondola starting from the car park, or by the Spinale gondola and then on the Rododendro and Grosté Express chairlifts. The park is run by the Italian athlete Alberto Schiavon, last year’s winner of one event of the World Cup snowboardcross. The snowpark consists of 5 different areas with half pipe, rails and jumps that will satisfy all standards of riders.

Info: 0465 442000.


MARILLEVA: In 1999 Folgarida and Marilleva hosted the ISF world championship, which gave them an important place in the great circus of board enthusiasts. The snowpark situated in Val Panciana, at an altitude of 2300 metres has a boardercross track and, above all, a state-of-the-art half pipe, where the international Topolino trophy is held every year.

Info: 0463 988400


PASSO DEL TONALE: The snowpark is situated on the Valena piste, that starts from Passo del Tonale, at an altitude of 1900 metres. It has a jump, halfpipe and even a boardercross.

Info: 0364 92066


SAN MARTINO DI CASTROZZA: The snowpark accessible from San Martino di Castrozza is called Tognola Fulmiland and is located near the Scandola piste, at an altitude of 2000 metres. The park is fenced off and completely separate from the normal pistes; it is about 600 metres long with an average gradient of 18-20% with some maximum points of 48%. Conceived and built  for all standards, it has two lines of jump, two lines of rails, a huge spine and a fantastic boardercross alongside the park. This year’s innovations include a wallride in wood (6mx4m) and a pyramid box.

Info: 0439 68026


PASSO ROLLE: The snowpark called Rolle Railz Park is situated on the edge of the Castellazzo piste on Passo Rolle, at an altitude of 2000 metres. It is reachable by the chairlift named after the piste that starts from the pass. The snowpark has one line of difficult rails, and in particular a kink, a straight-down and a c-box. There are also other lines of less difficult rails including a rainbow, two straight, a kink, a doublekin and four various types of jump.

Info: 348 3728502

PAMPEAGO: The snowpark is situated in the district of Ski Center Latemar at an altitude of 2030 metres. It is reachable either from the Pampeago lifts on the Latemar and Obereggen chairlifts, or from Predazzo in the Stalimen gondola and the Gardoné, Latemar and Obereggen chairlifts. The snowpark has 3 kicks, 3 rails and a half pipe that is 80 metres long and 20 metres wide.

Info: 0462 813265


CANAZEI: In the Col Rodela area, reachable from the cablecar of the same name that starts from Campitello and by the Pecol cablecar from Canazei, the snowpark lies at an altitude of 2300 metres. It has an innovative boardercross used for training the athletes of Italian teams and it has become the established centre of the Italian championships in recent years. It also has many rails and jumps.

Info: 0462 601113


PASSO SAN PELLEGRINO: The “Easysnowpark” is on the Costabella piste, located in Chiesetta, at an altitude of 2000 metres. It has two lines of jumps up to 15 metres high, a double rail, a pyramid and a c-box, as well as a kink box, flat box and rainbow box.

Info: 0462 573440

MONTE BONDONE: The Monte Bondone Snowpark is situated between the “Lavaman”, “Cordela” and “Topolino” pistes, at an altitude of 1600 metres. it is reached either on the 3-Tre chairlift from Vaneze, or on “Montesel” chairlift, or straight down from Vason. The snowpark has a boardercross piste that is 1050 metres long, 8 rail parks, a wall-rail, a straight box of 7 metres and 4 jumps. However, the real treat of the location is the 120 metre long superpipe. Junior Snow Park is the new winter fun park, which offers rails and jumps for children aged 6 – 14.

Info: 0461 829990


PASSO DEL BROCON: Brocon is situated in the mountain chain called Lagorai, at an altitude of 1660 metres and is reachable straight from the car parks. It has two changes of slope 40 metres wide, where some jumps of various height have been made and two new boxes, a straight one of 8 metres and a pyramid one. The snowpark is served by a tapis roulant of 180 metres.

Info: 0461 594727

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