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Paganella ski is holding the WORLD ALPINE ROCK FESTIVAL 2009

On the 22nd of December 2009, Paganella ski is holding the WORLD ALPINE ROCK FESTIVAL 2009.
16 top world-class skiers will battle it out at the Paganella Ski World Alpine Rockfest. Twelve ski stars will be enlisted directly, and the other four athletes will be selected before the competition. Each of the stars has, in fact, the chance to choose two friends-colleagues from their national team who will race against each other in a sort of afternoon pre-qualifier. The real race will be held at night under the floodlights – and the finest four will make it to the final. “I’ve been saying we need something new in the world of skiing, and this is just the kind of event I was looking for, so I signed up right away”, said Miller.

The protagonists of the Paganella Ski World Alpine Rockfest ski challenge will be 16 ski champions who will fight it out on the slopes in four thrilling runs. But there will be no one-on-one heats. It’ll be all against the clock, with the last four times eliminated after each run, until only the four finalists are left to battle it out for the final victory, and the 100.000 euro prize.

The twelve ski stars will be selected on the basis of their popularity, their success in sports events, their style, their fame, and their nationality. Each of them will have the chance to “invite” two other athletes. Davide Simoncelli – the local champ – will be able to choose four. The 26 “selected” athletes will compete in one run, and the first four will make it to the select group of 16 finalists. The athletes who have already confirmed their participation include: Davide Simoncelli, Italy – Bode Miller and Ted Ligety, USA – Felix Neureuther, Germany – Julian Lizeroux, France – John Kucera, Canada – Marco Buechel, Liechtenstein – Mattias Hargin, Sweden.

The second big thing at the Paganella Ski World Alpine Rockfest is the combination of Great Music and Ski Champions. In fact, there will be a concert with an internationally renowned rock band at the end of the competition, a great chance for fans to dance with their favourite World Champion Skiers.

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